Retirement Planning Policy Reviews

What is a Retirement Plan Policy Review?

Retirement planning includes a detailed timetable, expense estimations, and the calculation of after-tax returns. Your retirement planning team also manages risk assessment and your overall estate planning goals. With all of these variables, we recommend scheduling an annual retirement planning policy review with One Stop Financial Group. We will evaluate any changes to your finances and lifestyle to determine the right modifications to your retirement plan.

Why Should You Review Your Retirement Policy?

One of the biggest mistakes we see our clients make is procrastination in reviewing their retirement plans. There are many life changes that impact your retirement plan. A regular insurance policy check-up ensures that your plan is still operating properly. The following are a few questions to ask while evaluating your current retirement plan:

  • Have you updated your plan within the last few years to reflect any changes to social security laws?
  • Are retirement plan terms the same as the plan’s operations?
  • Have you recorded any recent life changes?

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