Business Services Policy Reviews

What is a Business Insurance Policy Review?

Elements of your business or organization are changing every day. You change your business structure, the number of your employees, and your financial goals. When your business changes, it’s your responsibility to make insurance adjustments in order to avoid gaps in coverage and legal challenges. One Stop Financial Group evaluates your immediate goals and helps you figure out if it’s time to update your insurance coverage or documents.

When to Schedule Your Annual Policy Review

Whenever you make any major changes to your business structure, it’s time to schedule an evaluation of your business services insurance policy. The following are some examples of instances when you should schedule an appointment with One Stop Financial Group:

  • Changes in Business Ownership Structure
  • New Business or Product Addition
  • Revisions to Contractual Obligations
  • Additions to Staff
  • Changes to Property Ownership

Not only can outdated information cost you financially, but it can also put your organization at risk legally. If you are stuck in the past with old policies, they may fail to comply with new laws and regulations.

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